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Well, just logged 2 hours with the string with various light and hard hitting. No match play. Feel like I hit the ball really well tonight.

I have to say I really really, enjoyed hitting with this string. Cluckcluck and nycoara were pretty spot on.

For me, a lot of how I rate my strings is the feel on impact. I generate plenty of spin on my own, so I don't put too much stock when comparing strings. But Firewire definitely did what it was supposed to do as far as spin goes. Spin was effortless, didn't have to work for it. I was very impressed with several shots I really went for and generated some extra RPM's, I could really see the ball dip and take a huge kick. Like I said, I don't put a ton of stock in spin potential, but Firewire def didn't disappoint.

I've mentioned before that I normally play Poly mains with Multi crosses, just because I haven't found a full poly set that I've been crazy about and like the softer feel multi crosses provide. But this was the first full poly setup I really, really liked. I was worried about it feeling mushy when I strung it, but that wasn't the case at all. Like cluckcluck said, sweet ball pocketing, very comfortable plush feel. With a good swing the string feels awesome.

That's all I'll comment on for now. Liking this string a lot right now, we'll see after a few more hitting sessions how the tension holds. I'll probly play them till they pop, so we'll see how many hours I get out of the 17G.
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