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Originally Posted by veroniquem View Post
Oh come on, Fed has no charisma. He got teased for that early in his career (anybody remembers that personality chart? It was hilarious). What he has is a million slam titles and his ballerina thingy and that's it (I agree with MS on this point). Outside of that he is a crashing bore. Nadal has sex appeal, Agassi is the embodiment of charisma (he was LONG before he started winning slams). Fed would be the quintessential non-descript guy if not for all his records.
I don't agree with you. For me Federer has tons of charisma and even did when he was in his goofy long-haired stage. I was an Agassi fan and agree he had a lot of charisma but Federer is right up there with him in my book. I agree that Nadal has charisma too but in a different way to Federer. Federer is elegant, Nadal has a boyish charm.
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