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Originally Posted by krz View Post
I think I speak for the fans of every other team in the league when I say this, but, watching Rex and the Jets circus self implode this season was marvelous... could not have happened to a more deserving team.

We had a good run but Wrecks lost direction and control of the lockerroom starting in '11 and it spiraled away this year. Just not a cohesive identity and as the saying goes, "the fish rots from the head". He and Tannenbaum must share the brunt for the poor personnel moves and lack of offensive identity. Ryan is not an offensive guru and, frankly, that's what has been lacking throughout his tenure. Sparano wasn't the answer so maybe we should get a Bruce Arians...great work as an interim head guy. Big Ben misses him in Pittsburgh and Luck grew up fast under him.

I get no joy from other teams' troubles so the "most deserving" tag is a bit of a rip...there are plenty of character guys, present and past, to have worn the green and white that makes me proud to be a Jet guy "from my first cigarette to my last dying day".
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