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Default 2013:Another CYGS opportunity for Djokovic

He is in fine form. Nadal is out of the AO, the only possible threats to him are Murray, Federer, and even then, he has had many recent victories. Djoker owns Berdych and Tsonga. Just look at the ATP world tour finals.

In the French, it may be a close battle, but he has a much better chance against Nadal this time. Nadal would be low on confidence, playing experience. Also, the 2011 match was much closer than it seemed.

Wimbledon. HE lost to Federer, but by then, Federer's GS days would be numbered. Nadal didnt even play last Wimbledon, and it would have been so long since he wong there.

The US Open. Murray got quite lucky, and Djokovic, he wasnt playing his best due to the wind.
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