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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Yes, I think Djokovic has a good personality but I don't find him charismatic in the same way a Federer or Nadal is.
I think we need to define what everyone means by "charismatic." I agree that Nadal and Federer have a certain charisma inherent in their particular personal brand for sure.

smoledman, seriously, most casual fans aren't watching a bunch of Federer interviews. They like him because, again, he wins a lot and they find his overall image appealing. Not because he's Mr. Charismatic in interviews. He is a "classy competitor" and everything surrounding him screams this. I guess could include his demeanor in interviews but it goes way beyond that to marketing and PR of the "RF" brand in the media -- just think of his endorsements. Novak doesn't have a similar niche.
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