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Originally Posted by GoodVibrations View Post
I think we need to define what everyone means by "charismatic." I agree that Nadal and Federer have a certain charisma inherent in their particular personal brand for sure.

smoledman, seriously, most casual fans aren't watching a bunch of Federer interviews. They like him because, again, he wins a lot and they find his overall image appealing. Not because he's Mr. Charismatic in interviews. He is a "classy competitor" and everything surrounding him screams this. I guess could include his demeanor in interviews but it goes way beyond that to marketing and PR of the "RF" brand in the media -- just think of his endorsements. Novak doesn't have a similar niche.
A certain something that one has inherently which makes one globally likeable. One either has it or one does not. Federer and Nadal have it, Djokovic does not have it, nor does Murray at least not on the same level.
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