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I don't know this girl, Ana Konjuh, but I do know that a friend of mine who is Croatian, has a daughter who is 5'10" and 15 years old, just turned. Her husband is not over 5'10"(American Italian) and mom is a bit shorter. People from the region of Dinaric Alps are among the tallest in the world, and that region covers part of Croatia. Apart from that according to Wiki Croats are among the tallest nations in the world. Let's assume she is done with puberty, very likely as she is almost 15, I would say her height she not out of ordinary for her region. Is Taylor 5'6" really? Looks taller in pics. Where does this Ana train? I find it interesting that both boys are girls OB 18s winners are from former Yugoslavia but do they train at home? Where does that kid that won boys OB train? Does anybody know?
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