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Originally Posted by GoodVibrations View Post
You're looking at the situation from the standpoint of Nadal and Federer being already established superstars though, so of course it's easy to say that they have that "certain something" that makes one globally likeable. I think it's totally possible that Djokovic just doesn't have it, but we'll see. I think a lot of what seems "inherent" in Nadal and Federer is actually the result of great marketing and PR, but we're all looking at it from the point of hindsight, so it doesn't seem that way. We'll see in a few years re: Djoko I suppose.
No, I don't think I am being blinded by Federer's and Nadal's success. Djokovic has already won 5 slams, surely that is enough for me to see if he has that charisma and I don't think he has it. I don't think he will ever be as popular as Federer and Nadal. Just as Sampras with his 14 slams was never as popular as Agassi with his 8.
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