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Default Preparation at Your Level

But wait a minute some club level advocate of "modern" instruction may argue, I don't have to deal with 80 mph forehands so I can stalk and delay and start to prepare when the ball bounces. "Modern" instruction really works for me because I am a low level player.

OK let's examine the assumption there. Wasn't the claim that modern instruction works because it allows anyone to "play like the pros" and make the game so very, very easy?

Now you reach a fundamental contradiction. I am going to play like the pros by not playing like the pros.

The reality is that the difference in the time interval between the pros and a high level 4.5 player is less than you think. When we did our first studies of ball speed we were surprised to find that those exchanges were around 1.2 to 1.4 seconds in duration and that club spin on the forehand could be well over 1000rpm and sometimes a lot higher.

So there is no doubt that given the reaction times of the rest of the players in the tennis world the same principles apply. If anything they apply more.

Just go to any club. I see it all the time. Watch the players standing around waiting for the ball to bounce on their side of the net. Then making the kind of ugly arm based swings that are also so common at that level.

It's as if the basic tenets of "modern" instruction were designed to make this fundamental problem worse. Don't fall for it.

Learn to make a gorgeous precise, powerful turn.

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