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But the point is Djokovic already has five slams and has been on tour for a while, yet he does not have anywhere near the popularity that Federer and Nadal do. Why? It is not only because Federer and Nadal have more slams, Djokovic is not in their league in the charisma department. He will never be the global superstar they are. Look at Sampras and Agassi as the perfect example.
I don't think there's much use in endlessly going back and forth but all I'm saying is that I think it's possible (re: Djokovic) with the right marketing, as Rjtennis posted. I say give it a couple of more years of him being the best player and not in the shadow of Fedal and we'll see. I'm not saying it WILL happen, just that it's not a total lost cause. We can all agree to disagree on this I suppose.
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