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Default It's All So Easy...

Wegner claimed in one of the famous nuked threads that virtually any technical problem a club player faced could be magically erased by watching his DVDs.

I mean I like the sham wow commericals as much as anyone, but developing a gorgeous effective esthetically satisfying game that produces real competitive results is a little harder than drying your car.

It's been well established that true mastery of any athletic or musical or academic skill takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice or about 10 years.

Not everyone is going to take it to that level obviously but part of the satisfaction of any endeavor is the challenge.

Every competitive player myself included has played matches where everything felt ridiculously easy--you are in a flowing rhythm, you can hit with power and dominate the court creating openings and hitting winners.

That isn't going to come from watching a DVD. Yes, I feel most players when exposed to simple model positions with use of video and video feedback can make immediate progress--but mastering that as part of a honed game takes time and the ability to work the change through at increasing levels of difficulty.

You see this with even the greatest players in the world lilke Murray or Djokovic that achieved more and more of their potential over time.

That is the great satisfaction of becoming a player. It's not something you can learn in two hours or two days. In fact it can be a lifetime process--that's what makes tennis great, not bogus miracle promises.

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