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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
I think it's usually pretty easy to discern who your opponents' camp and parents are.
But..Wow. Beyond creepy. I've had that happen to me with a stranger in a park-setting tennis match (him trying to photograph me, an adult female), but never thought to look out for this at a kids tourney. You just walk around assuming everyone is a parent, coach or a tennis official. Sometimes it boggles your mind how much more depraved this world is than your brain can even begin to imagine. Something new to to look out for and worry about...
Real creepy.

In fact there was a poster on this forum who was threatening to roam around S Fla to find a particular 8 year old girl and take a video of her against the stated wishes...on this forum....of her parent. The post was left up for a while but maybe it has been deleted now.

Regular visitors to the forum will know I am speaking the truth
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