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Originally Posted by rafafan20 View Post
thanks a ton mikeler!
X3 cheers for mikeler's multis!!!

I tried my first set of gut. Was going to try klip legend for some mid priced gut. The stringer was out of it so they subbed Boris becker hero 60#. It's dyed orange and took a about 30 min to break in or maybe it was me getting use to it.

What I noticed first was that it was powerful fr the get go. First serves where moving. The more aggressive I played, the better the ball quality. It shined for me on the bh slice, direction control, punch volleys and even touch and feel shots. Had a great sounding pop after it settled in. It looks really ratty now but there isn't as much notching...just fraying.

Some days it would drizzle a bit so I took out the racquet with PPA at 60# and put the gut away. I follow this thread and decided to try xcel, PPA, multi feel (got TGV by accident) after reading the reviews here.

PPA was ready fr the get go. No break in period. It was just as comfy as the hero gut but a little less power. It had that nice crisp sound on volleys. A good sounding string makes the soul feel good.

I personally will go back to PPA before I try Hero again.

Thanks for the many reviews.

Gamma pro is on my radar too. I heard it took what was good with Live Wire XP up a notch (which I've hit with happily). Excellent power, bite, feel, and plenty comfy. I had it strung up at 57#.
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