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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Yes it is. Ralph has basically 6 real RGs, and even if you consider his 7 RGs, some people consider Borg as the better clay courter,if not its a tie. Borg didn't have the luxury to moonball weak 1HBH like Ralph so he had it much much harder to dominate at RG.

Ralph's 2011 RG has a big star on it,a widely acknowledged fact. Look as much as I like Ralph I can't quite crown him the clay GOAT cause that would be injustice to Borg,sorry.

What do you mean 6 "real" RG? You lost me there. Rafa has more RG than Borg, Borg only got 8 masters on clay vs 16 for Nadal. His winning % is way higher than Borg's (93 vs 86) and he has more overall clay titles than Borg. What else do you need? Sorry but you just don't have a case here.
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