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I wonder if you and Oscar are just talking past each other.

I've just come across this swing/pull across the body tip. Before now, for some time I've been working on split step, unit turn, pat the dog, drive the swing with legs and core, passive arm extends through the ball.

Now I am doing the same thing except that instead of a passive arm, I am actively pulling the arm up and across. And guess what, my extension through the ball is better than ever. Do you know why? Because that active pull of the arm is complemented by my right shoulder rotating almost a full shoulder width through the ball as I pull my arm up and across.

So do you see it? The tip from Oscar about pulling the arm up and acros is leading to exactly what you are saying should hapen based on high speed video analyss. Why can't you guys reconcile that? Too much ego on both sides?

For me adding the pull across the body seems like it will be a game changer. I've never hit a forehand as hard as I have following Oscars tip. And for the record, I'm doing it with a full shoulder turn and loading/unloading my legs. Oscar doesn't say don't do that. Why do you assume he advocates that?

If you bothered to test his coaching, you would realize that swinging across actually ENCOURAGES a full shoulder turn. And a full shoulder turn ENCOURAGES loading the legs to maintain balance.

You guys fight all you want. I will reap the benefits on the court.

If you were to get over yourselves, you would see that you are coaching the same results. JY via what happens in high speed video. OW via simple tips that lead to what is seen in high speed video.

What else can we players say to get you two to realize that you are debating feel vs real and in this case OW feel should lead to JY real?
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