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In fairness to Hingis, Hingis was playing far from peak tennis in the middle of 1998. I think she even lost a match to Dominique Van Rost at one point. She had gotten lazy and overconfident and payed the price, and Davenport and Venus's surges and increasing victories over her had damaged her pysche, opening the door for lesser players (and at that point Seles would clearly be in this category) to also have success vs her. Prime Hingis mostly destroyed post prime Seles with lopsided straight set wins, numerous bagel or breadstick sets, and a 15 year old pre prime Hingis even gave fat Seles a 0 and 2 drubbing which even prime Graf wasnt close to doing vs fat Seles, so it isnt impossible Hingis might have the overall edge even prime to prime. That isnt to say she is better than Seles, just that she might be a bad matchup for her. After those 2 mid 98 wins over a clearly slumping Hingis, when Seles was btw in by far her best ever post stabbing shape, at 98 RG she was even probably 95% as physically fit as her prime and looked skinny unbelievably, she would not beat Hingis again until late 2001, over 3 years later, when Hingis was clearly crashing towards retirement herself.

As for your latter point more impressive or not Graf of Roland Garros 99, or any Graf of 99, would have been destroyed by Henin of 2007. Graf was clearly past her best at that point, and basically needed a total meltdown from Hingis in the final to avoid a 6-4, 6-4 loss and prime Henin (let alone the peak of peaks Henin of 07) >>>>>>> prime Hingis on clay atleast.

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