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Glad you are having success. If you read the rest of the thread or if you were more familiar with my work you would see that the finish or the extension of the forward swing and how to achieve it is key. This includes, obviously, the across dimension but not the limited forward dimension and bicep scissor move Wegner advocates. That a situational exception and different than most drives.

The preparation is also key and it sounds like yours, as you describe it, is good. And yes I would agree great preparation leads to great extension. But coming across and extending are two independent components.

I have absolutely no need to reconcile theories with Wegner or anyone else. There is no need in this world for unifying conflicting viewpoints. If anything the contrast is a way of sharpening your own views.

I always consider new data when I see it. I try to integrate and learn and evolve and form my own views. It's ongoing. Those who wish to agree or disagree are welcome.

If you were more familiar with Wegner's work you'd see that the great preparation you are describing isn't part of his system and in fact what he believes undermines it.

That's just my view and as I said what others such as yourself get out of my work or anyone else's is there for the taking.

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