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Originally Posted by Mike Sams View Post
That's because Djokovic wanted to be liked. He wanted attention which is why he did those stupid impersonations and got himself this reputation of being a joker. He should've kept it no nonsense, straight business-like from the beginning and let his tennis do the talking.
Have you actually seen Djoko's imitations?

They make me laugh. I don't think they're mean-spirited and some of them are incredibly good. He should definitely NOT have kept it business-like. There is Fed for that. If there is anything special about Djoko, it is precisely that he doesn't seem to be taking himself as seriously as Mr "I'm amazed by me" does. Some people like seriousness and they have a heavy dose of that with other players. Nole brings a much needed note of light-heartedness to the game and I'm very grateful for that.
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