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People who suspected or believed the silent ban conspiracy were pretty much convinced that rafa would show up to play the Australian open after the supposedly 6 month ban. Now with him not playing , they are more convinced, that's just RIDICULOUS. So the know it alls, what is the ban period. The spin that some folks here put on this is UNREAL.
From Rafa's interview with Neil Harman, it was pretty clear the guy wasn't doing great, was under the weather , did not say for sure he will make it to AO, he said he was going to see how things go at Abu Dhabi and take it from there. The guy just stated practicing just a few weeks back and then couldn't go on , so is in no way prepared to play a major, why is this not a plausible theory is beyond me.
Anyways, it is a rhetorical question, trolls /haters don't bother to answer. If you do, thats fine, don't expect a response though.
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