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In the event Nadal doesnt return by Roland Garros (and in decent shape) then yes a huge one. Murray should win Wimbledon, he is a better grass courter than Djokovic, but it doesnt mean he will. It will probably be hard for Federer to beat Djokovic at a slam again with his increasing age, and that Djokovic is not likely to be as off as he was at times in 2012 again, even at Wimbledon (although if he were to do it anywhere, that is probably his only chance at this stage). Murray could also stop Djokovic at the U.S Open like he did last year. With Nadal a big question mark at this point, Djokovic should win both the Australian and French Opens, it is the latter two that is the question mark. Wimbledon since he isnt an untouchable grass court player, and the U.S Open due to the pressure that would be on him to complete the Grand Slam if he has already won Wimbledon.
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