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Well Santa Clause really busted out with a nice dump in Tahoe for Christmas. 6 ft in a week really buffs the place out.

I have gotten 3 days in. Wednesday was sick after the late night white knuckle drive over Donner Pass. Gotta love driving in a total night whiteout. Woke up after the red eye with just short of a foot to clear off the car.

First run off Far East through the Christmas trees was face shots every turn, crowds were light and the KT laps started flowing. Ahhhh, burn these old legs. I would probably be in medal contention for mens 40's snowboarding moguls, hahaha! Today i did a sub 10 minute lap, for those of you that know KT, time yourself sometime. Its a complete full on burner.

I've had so much fun in the last couple days teaching my little ones more snowboarding. My 5 year old is linking turns, as he should since i started teaching him when he was 2, and wants to do park jumps (little ones).

One of the best riders I've personally known was a hard booter. He was a freak, sometimes known as trenchman, cuz of the crater carves he left all over the mountain. While we were instructors at Squaw he placed 2nd at Big Mountain and quallied for worlds in Alaska. Awesome rider.

I got 2 free tix at WhistleBlack with my SV gold pass, so hopefully i'll get up to slide there this season.

Happy New Year to all and no better way to spend it than sliding down a mountain.
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