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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
Yes it is. Ralph has basically 6 real RGs, and even if you consider his 7 RGs, some people consider Borg as the better clay courter,if not its a tie. Borg didn't have the luxury to moonball weak 1HBH like Ralph so he had it much much harder to dominate at RG.

Ralph's 2011 RG has a big star on it,a widely acknowledged fact. Look as much as I like Ralph I can't quite crown him the clay GOAT cause that would be injustice to Borg,sorry.
NO, there is no star attached to it. Rafa is the defending RG champion in 2011. So the onus is on Djokovic to prove that he is better than Nadal at RG by beating Nadal. He failed at his first test, against Federer. There is no point in speculating what would have happened if Djokovic entered final. It's NOT Rafa's fault that Djokovic didn't reach final
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