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Default Is it the real prime or drug prime?

For one, I wish the silent ban on Nadal is not true.

But if it were / or even if not, but still, Nadal/Fed/Djoker had racked up those titles not in their physical prime but in a drug-enhanced-young days, it would really be to the detriment of the sport.

Already, I see increasing posts here that say every slugfest out there is a drug boosted affair. If Murray/DelPo happens to have his year in 2013, would we say now its their turn to cheat?

Eventually, every future star will be accused of the same, whether or not its true and it becomes a cycle. Every 4 years, a new guy gets his turn to cheat?

Tennis as a sport will die in that case.

I say, instead of a silent ban, reveal the dopers right away and take the steps. Cycling federation was brave to admit that their biggest star doped. ITF/ATP should do the same. Whoever it is - Nadal / Djoker / Federer / Whoever. I am a Fed fan, but if he is found to be guilty, he should serve the penalty. Nadal likewise. Anybody else likewise. Unless that happens, I can close my eyes and say every next generation start is a doper and it would be true in 90% of the cases because the stakes are too high and the gains are too large to ignore.

What are your thoughts people?

P.S: This is not a top 4 specific topic, but as the sport in general. Don't make this a **** thread, please.
If Federer's resume has holes, then everyone else's has more and bigger ones.
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