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Originally Posted by dyldore View Post
"In the case of a “guilty verdict,” the charges go public whether the accused is Rafael Nadal or an unknown player ranked 500th in the world according to Miller, who has headed the ITF anti-doping arm since 2006."

"So a silent ban may be an impossibility. Unannounced provisional suspensions, however, happen all the time. Though unlikely, Rafael Nadal could conceivably be serving such a suspension."

At worst, he could be suspended from playing because he is under investigation or fighting an allegation.

However, it could be his arm, or he is really a member of the CIA and is on a mission right now...this type of speculation is ridiculous, and I am just not one of those people who who believes something simply because it has not been proven to be untrue.
Read this. Here there are actual sections from the WADA code:

This spells it out. It is NOT ridiculous. Educate yourself.
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