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Originally Posted by big ted View Post
if anyone is doping it is probably a lower ranked player who cant afford all of this and doesnt have the talent that these have and is just trying to survive imo...

Yeah, the 51st ranked played at the end of 2004 who shot to No.5 in 6 months and won his first FO.. And had to continue to dope to justify his run and mask himself...

For me, Djoker's 2011 run and Nadal's 2005 are suspects... Because they're so drastic and dramatic... As I say, I only wish these weren't true. But if it were, every other dream run in the future will raise questions... If Murray gets 3 this year, I don't know how many will attribute it to him really...
If Federer's resume has holes, then everyone else's has more and bigger ones.
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