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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Read this. Here there are actual sections from the WADA code:

This spells it out. It is NOT ridiculous. Educate yourself.
Yeah, that's what I said...he may be provisionally suspended while they hold a trial. That can be kept secret. ("...the key word in the above rules is the word "may," meaning that it's up to the governing body to decide whether it wants to disclose.") However, if they find him guilty, it is immediately made public. ("The only mandatory rule is that decisions finding that an anti-doping violation occurred must be made public.")

You don't need to be condescending, I am agreeing with you that it is possible that he may be provisionally suspended. There is no evidence that points specifically to a suspension, though. There are hundreds of things that could cause him to miss this time. For example, a knee injury, or my theory about the CIA...
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