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A general question. Are you focusing on a particular surface to maximise dbs skill set? I know people train on all surfaces but in your mind is one surface where you will want to break through?
For my 11 year old son we train on hartru 4 months a year but he is a much better hard court player.
I have a couple of thoughts , first clay builds the legs which are your most important physical tool in tennis also the hard courts are so slow now and coaches still attempt to train kids according to a outdated system of drills , clay courts expose %'s better and faster then hard courts.

Hard courts give kids the feeling that they can blast their way through matches its a habit we are slowly breaking on DB and it is what ultimately cost him the OB , if you can play your kid on hard tru every other month I would encourage you of that now rather then later .

We are fortunate of video recorders cause we have studied his matches a couple of times and he sees the mistakes he made and now we work to correct but you can cut out some of these problems ahead of time .

in the Thai match you can see him blasting away as thai is spending 80% of the match camped out on the fence and on defense and DB fell for what I call hard court tennis curse on clay. Best to you and your kid .

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