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Originally Posted by jtatsiue View Post
No discussion about Rafa's elongated absences from the tour is complete without mentioning Performance Enhancing Drugs, EPO, blood doping, HGH, etc... or whatever cocktail of pharmaceutical elixirs Uncle Tony has been sprinkling over Rafa's Wheaties since he was a wee lad. Rafa is most likely serving a silent ban. He's the Lance Armstrong of the ATP. Google this, "The curious case of Rafael Nadal" and let's start a real conversation about Rafa's, ahem, illnesses, injuries and imposed sabbatical from the tour.
So why isn't crybaby Rafa just double-downing the drugs?

Of course, he has to set things up first, the way Uncle Toni always had.

Make the big ominous announcement: NADAL ON DEATH BED!!!!! He can't possibly compete. But he plays anyway. Wincing and cavorting all the way. Saying, "is unbeliebable I beat this guy. He is greatest of all-time." (Of course talking about a qualifier ranked #350 plahing in his first ATP tour level match of his life.

And the manipulated media and fanboys believe the Nadal hype: OVERCOMES the greatest obstacles known to man, to win a single tennis match. Stop the presses. Heck, STOP THE WORLD, and acknowledge.

But seriously, NADAL ALWAYS HAS AN EXCUSE! ALWAYS. FOREVER! No player in history has talked more about his injuries than Nadal. It's not even comical any more. It is of course laughable and pathetic.

Notice how there are so many reports now how the knees were of course sore at Wimbledon. Of course that's why he lost. OF COURSE!

Some of you talk about the silent ban. How about a real ban. A permanent one. No crybabies allowed on the ATP Tour. PERIOD.

SORE LOSERS, WHINERS, and EXCUSE MAKERS should be banned by the ATP.

It's about time Nadal was finally and permanently given the boot!
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