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Default My Slighter Bigger Shoe Plan Has Failed!

I'm always between an 11 1/2 and twelve: 12s in T22's, 11 1/2s in Big Shots, etc. So a couple of weeks ago I went to buy a pair of B7. Burned through two pairs of Big Shots way too quickly in the last six months and wanted to try the Barricades as they're known for their durability.

Went with the 12s because I thought the 11 1/2s felt a little snug in the store, but my feet are moving around way too much. Blisters forming in three different spots. The shoes are used. I can't return them. What next? Double socks? Does that work? Just throw them away and buy another pair? Anybody had this predicament before? I've never had a pair of shoes give me so much trouble right out of the box, and it's mainly because I bought the wrong size.
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