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Originally Posted by monfed View Post
I apologise for the LOLville mention, when you said that Fed's potential wins against Ralph in the 2013 season wouldn't count for anything,didn't quite sit well with me. So Olderer's wins against Prime Nadal shouldn't count? Why is that?
Nah, you shouldn't apologize.

But here I'll explain his logic, given that Fed fans excuse Fed losses in 2008 and beyond as Fed being past his best we should apply the same to Nadal in 2013 (as he will be the same age Fed was in 2008 ).

However, where his logic fails (as it always inevitably does) is that Nadal was 21-22 in 2008 and had the best period of his career in 2008-2010 while Fed will be 31-32 in 2013 with his best days being long behind him so Nadal's potential losses against Fed in his 30s should still very much count.
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