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I do not know if Nadal is guilty of anything, but if he is, the whole silent ban concept seems 10 times more annoying to me compared to an athlete "trapped" in a dopping situation. I really do not care what a public (non-silent) ban would do to tennis. I would accept everything and then gladly go do my soul-searching or whatever. And this comes from an avid fan, player, coach, stringer, linesman and whatever else you can imagine - this is how holistic my approach towards the sport is and how truly committed I am to it.

Somebody else out there deciding to manipulate the flow of information, on top of so many other things (!), is frustrating as it is. I find it insulting that those ATP guys are so certain that all of us tennis lovers would just simply forget about the sport after a potential disclosure of such dimensions, money would vanish and gloom and doom would cover everything. I personally love the game for what it is. I could care less if Mr. God gets caught, whatever his name. To me, an athlete using all his remaining strength, shining by virtue of his iron will and fighting spirit - this is what's magnificent, not just about tennis, but about all sports.

And really, what I hate most is not the fact that my stance sounds idealistic, but that those representing the sport, or the few, self-proclaimed savvy ones who do not see the fundamental truth in this argument want to sound like they know so much and understand even more, when in reality they are only perpetuating a vicious circle with their occult-like, smug attitude.
One reason why I love tennis is because it's a life lab. Really.
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