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I've used Lux BB 1.30 (and Alu Power) for quite some years.
Lux really stands on a place of its own, so... not much to say about it.
Anyway I also came to conclude that it was too expensive and searched for alternatives.
Now I'm using Black Code 1.28, and I find it great. Very confortable, and it sure grabs the ball that thing! %) (and I spin a lot) The problem w/ BC is durability
I also tried RPM and that's quite some string!! Maybe better than BC. The problem here in Portugal is that it is significantly more expensive, so for now and staying w/ the BC... though looking for a similar more durable alternative.
Babolat Aeropro Drive 2012 strung w/ MSV Focus HEX 1.27 24 kgs

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