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Originally Posted by Amelie Mauresmo View Post
I definitely think the Wimbledon loss to Rosol destroyed Nadal's confidence and he doesn't seem to have much desire for the game anymore. The guy's young only 26, very wealthy he doesn't need to play tennis anymore he's won a ton of slams. I wonder if Nadal is going to end up like Borg and retire at a young age?
This has been my theory for a while. I started thinking this in 2009 when he lost early in Paris. Sure he would have been devastated, & he came back and dominated those 6 months or so again in 2010, but since becoming THE Nadal in 2005, 2009 was the only year he was able to celebrate his birthday properly. That's a real sacrifice for a young man to make.

Amongst other things of course.

Originally Posted by smoledman View Post
Wow, so the overall GOAT debate is down to Laver or Federer. What more does Fed have to do? Win 20 slams?
He must beat Laver in Mortal Kombat. Finish HIM!

Or Mario Kart.
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