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There's a quote in the Marcelo Rios book by Rios about the suspicion that Agassi and Sampras might have been using PEDS but he said the public and media would never find out about it if it was true.

"I know that if nandrolone were found on Agassi, they would not disclose it. He is a very prominent, very popular player and if he were to fall, the world of tennis would fall with him. The ATP would not say it. They are such a large, dependant organization that it would be a problem if Agassi or Sampras tested positive. (We) the South Americans have discussed it repeatedly. It is a complicated subject. I do not have a problem in saying it: we always said (we asked ourselves) who publicly certifies the doping tests of Agassi or Sampras? I would love to be able to see and certify Agassi's doping tests because now I currently have no idea who is doing the test, and who decides who gets it and who doesn't."

"I know that if they were to find nandrolone on Agassi, they wouldn't say it to anybody. It would taint his reputation and bring tennis down dramatically. ATP would not say it. It is such a large organization that it would be a problem if Agassi tested positive."

Makes you wonder, would the ATP conceal a positive Nadal test? They certainly would have great incentive too. As would Nike, Babolat, the Spanish Federation, all the Grand Slams, TV networks. Who knows? Bet Yannick Noah might offer some interesting comments.
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