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Originally Posted by treblings View Post

first, let me take this opportunity to thank you for giving me access to your site for a week. i used it extensively and enjoyed it a lot.
i can recommend it highly and will subscribe to it

as to the decline of u.s. tennis. we europeans probably have the advantage of playing on slower surfaces, mainly red clay, in clubs and academies.
with the atp tour slowing down the courts, the fact that europeans are used to playing longer rallies and maybe working on shot selection more, probably pays off.
Are players such as Sharapova American or Russian?

In her case she has a Russian flag icon or the letters "RUS" next to her name on TV but she is a product of the American tennis system.

Others such as Azarenka are a mix having moved to the US to train as a teenager.

I wonder how many of the other top WTA and ATP players received some or most of their training in US facilities but still nominally play for other countries (eg Andy Murray now lives and trains in Florida).
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