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Originally Posted by GRANITECHIEF View Post
Great shots of tourney action. Just curious, how is it not an action shot with the ball on the strings?

Keep up the photos, thanks for sharing. Lots of good players!
I didn't mean to imply they're not action shots but quite often they tend to be relatively static pictures. Maybe it's just the way they're framed or cropped. I said I prefer taking pictures that have a sense of motion in them - to me that is much more interesting than a torso close-up that happens to have a ball smooshed on the racquet. If that same picture were framed appropriately (depending on what that player's body is doing), it could be a gem..

For example:***...-story-top.jpg it's not a bad picture, but in my opinion the picture would be better if you had more of a sense of motion, such as Maria's torso torquing and body coming off the ground. This picture of Tsonga is infinitely more interesting:
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