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Originally Posted by TennisA View Post
If you need examples of footwork, just youtube some random professional matches, and only pay attention to the footwork of each pro. I'd probably recommend watching Davydenko or Federer off the top of my head. Really interesting to watch their movement, really.
Note that most of your footwork movement in tennis is done on the balls of your feet -- not unlike a sprinter. You should land your split steps on the balls of your feet. (Quite a few examples of split steps featured in the videos below). Most of your movement to intercept the incoming ball and your recovery footwork after hitting the ball is also executed on the balls of your feet. Most of that recovery footwork should be a side-step shuffle (like a chassť pattern) as seen in the videos below.

Where you move after hitting is also as important as how you move. Note that most of the balls that you hit should be cross-court. When you hit a x-court shot, your ideal recovery position is not the middle of the baseline -- the position is a bit shy of the middle. Only when you hit a ball to the middle of your opponent's court (the middle third or so), should you actually recover to the middle of your own baseline. When you hit a shot down the line, your ideal recovery position is a little bit past the middle of your own baseline. (This can be seen at 0:27 in the first link and at 0:48 in the 3rd link). The vids below should illustrate this positioning quite well as featuring many important footwork details.
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