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Originally Posted by thecrusher956 View Post
Just saw other hopman cup vid and Tomic is also using a blacked out frame

Could be wrong but I swore I saw that familiar head pro-stock buttcap. If this is true and Yonex has lost him, it's a big blow for their marketing team.


No matter what racquet Tsonga has in hand, he needs to make better decisions on court. He gets caught in 'no-man's-land' too often up at net and at mid-court. He has all the essential tools of a champion, just needs to be a tad less aggressive and a bit more decisive/smart with ball.

Being a life long 18x20 user, I'll say that moving to a 16x19 pattern is not that big of a deal, until you switch back to the closed pattern, then you feel 'at home'.
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