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Originally Posted by lala28m View Post
Umm. Yes, it was taken down. I think it was the same thread in which the said parent offered to set up a fight with third poster (who claimed to be female) to settle whatever issues (there were many) were flying back and forth in that particular thread. All of it was childish and out of hand, honestly... The whole thread was craziness. None of the featured parents exhibited model behavior, but I strongly disagree with what you are insinuating.

Child predation is a real and serious societal and personal tragedy. Bringing it up just to throw fighting words or digs at someone does a disgrace to actual victims. Not cool.

From what I can remember, the only obsessions any posters had in that thread were with each other. Poster#1 bragged about his (not tournament tested) tennis prodigy, (while several others kept explaining the benefits of tournaments, rankings etc), and poster#2, a (recognized) parent of a ranked junior, took to heart the slamming of his own kid's life work (tournaments, points, rankings, wins etc) basically said "put your money where your mouth is". At face value, the gist was disproving the first posters repeated claims of a secret child tennis prodigy, and not much else.

No, the 2nd poster should not have said he was tracking anyone down, to prove or disprove secret talent, magical powers,...any reason. Obviously, over the line. But the two guys were in, what equates to, a fist fight or a you-know-what measuring contest...of each other. I'm sure the thread was taken down for numerous good reasons. But "over-the-line" does not automatically mean "child creeper". Both posters made many over-the-line comments. (Personally, when poster#1, the allegedly grievenced here, made comments about a different little girl's looks, it made me very, very uncomfortable. Pointing out why she can't possibly have a sponsorship, based on this and that in her looks. He admitted having zero information, his remarks were "educated observances". Tops it off with how his own kid does have the look. Horrible. The only thing that stopped me from defending an obviously super cute kid, is my mantra "Can't argue with stupid"). But neither of these 2 were banned, so your insinuation about the motives of one of them cannot be true or are not as obvious as you suggest. At least, not to me nor to the administrators of this forum.

It is one thing to disagree with other posters, and obviously poster#1 +poster#2 have had an axe to grind with each other for probably longer than grown adults should, but lets be honest, that's a tough accusation you are slinging. There are real victims of abuse out there whose plight and cause is being watered down by such frivolous use of this serious accusation.
Nice recitation. But I'm sticking with my accusation:

Real creepy.
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