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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Yes, this is a problem for Djokovic. He has mentioned before that someone like Tsonga in the 08 AO final was getting more support than he was, and I don't think it went over right with the people when he gave the winners speech. Or when he raised his arms after his incredible return in the USO 2011 SF vs Fed. The one thing I don't think you should do is try, or look desperate to get crowd support. People will cheer who they want to cheer since they payed good money to do so. Just makes you look bad IMO.
Pretty well said. Shut up and do your job, which is, play tennis!

Or do a 180... exploit the 'bad boy'-image. Make it worse. It worked for Connors, McEnroe, Nastase, Rios, to name a few, so why not for Djokovic? Someone give IMG a call immediately.

Off the top of my head neither Nadal or Federer has ever asked for crowd support in such a way.
Well I think I've seen a massive majority of either of their's matches since 2004 and cannot recall having seen anything the like, ever.
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