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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Rocky beats him at the Rumble and Cena beats Rocky at WM.
I dunno. The problem is Rock is only scheduled to be wrestling Rumble and Mania, and I don't know if they can have a road to Wrestlemania without the champion there. We have the elimination chamber match also to think about in February, and Rock has two movies he is making.

Cena beating Rocky would be bad, any progres in developing new stars goes, if we just have the usual Mania thing with Cena winning the title again. If anything, if they are going to have Rock and Cena go at it again, then Punk needs to be involved in that match also, and make it a triple threat.

Originally Posted by MichaelNadal View Post
I've kind of lost interest in current WWE, it's just too stale for me. It's hard for me to sit through half an episode but I try. I watch classic matches almost nightly though. I may go see it, are tickets on sale already? I've been too busy to follow it.

I know what you mean bro. I've been playing WWE 13 on PS3 lately, and have been doing the attitude era storyline, which really does take me back. The rise of DX, Austin 3:16, the brothers of destruction, The Great One, Mankind and Wrestlemania 15 story modes are just so cool. WWE is trying to do something different it seems though...Did you see TLC ppv? If you haven't, try watching it, they put on a good show. The Shield TLC match was pretty good, and they took some serious bumps in that match.

Tickets are on sale for Mania. I am not so sure at the moment, I am normally in the States at that time of year anyway, so I fly down to NYC for a few days to see it.
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