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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
Then you have his parents. Unfortunately I think they project negatively on him although through no real fault of his own, especially to most people who don't dig deep and find real facts before forming opinions, (and everybody knows there are a lot of those types). He has/had a history of retiring from matches which didn't sit well with people, and then the whole thing with his parents against Federer. "The king is dead..blah blah blah" "Be quiet".
Truth be told, they have managed to improve their behaviour.
I don't know whether it's a fact or just a forum rumour, but I actually think Djokovic himself realized all too well that his parents' former behaviour wasn't serving him well, and he actually asked them to remain low-key for a while - hence why they were absent from his matches for quite a while, I think it was about a year ago. Djokovic is a smart fellow, this doesn't seem all too far of to think of that it indeed happened, imho.
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