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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
I dunno. The problem is Rock is only scheduled to be wrestling Rumble and Mania, and I don't know if they can have a road to Wrestlemania without the champion there. We have the elimination chamber match also to think about in February, and Rock has two movies he is making.

Cena beating Rocky would be bad, any progres in developing new stars goes, if we just have the usual Mania thing with Cena winning the title again. If anything, if they are going to have Rock and Cena go at it again, then Punk needs to be involved in that match also, and make it a triple threat.
Good points. I like your triple threat idea. I just think Cena should beat The Rock at some point at WM because tbh I was a little baffled as to why Rock went over Cena at WM last year from a "business" standpoint if you will. I know he's The Rock and he's great, but I didn't like the fact that the comeback star got put over in favour of the current one. Now the most likely scenario is Cena-Rock II at this WM IMO. Cena hasn't held the title in quite a while because he doesn't need it anymore to maintain his popularity, but Punk being champion for this long has not sat well with me to be frank. He's been secondary for most of it, and he would've been served better with a shorter reign, but the only reason he's had it this long is because there are no developed stars ready to really run with the belt IMHO. At least not for the majority of Punk's reign. But I digress. This is not a wrestling forum after all.

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