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Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
Exactly. And the idiocy is staggering, even from people who usually donít seem quite so dumb.

He is NOT pulling out because of the virus people. He didnít say that. Lear to read ffs. Itís disrupted his training, which was way too little to begin with, before the tournament. Whatís with the shock?, he had said his knee wasnít quite right yet, it had been pointed out by himself Ė and by others, like the ViŮa del Mar tournament director who had talked to Benito Ė that he might not play the AO, even before the virus.
He had even said he might be pulling out of tournaments for a couple of months. Which is what heís doing nowÖ and people act like itís such an unexpected thing?. And some Nadal fans act all hurt?. Please.

I have to say Iím worried nonetheless about how serious his knee problem might be.

Oh, and people showing their glee are just pathetic people, not much else to be said about them.

Why do you belittle those who feel jerked around by Nadal? His fans are tired of the false starts and bs coming from him and his camp. It's been nearly 7 months now and he is still not back. He needs to make up his mind if he is coming back or not and stop the indecisive mind games.
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