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Originally Posted by NadalAgassi View Post
Serena is the only player, man or women, so supremely talented that she can do that and still dominate and win big anytime she wants. Federer, Navratilova, Graf, Sampras would never get away with it, as even as talented as they are they dont have the same superhuman talent Serena possesses. Seles in her 2nd career attempted the same lax diet and lifestyle as Serena, and found herself a second rate player incapable of even contending for slams ever again. Serena really has it all, she can have it all, the glamor, the various careers outside tennis, eat and train as she wants, and still win so much many are now calling her the female tennis GOAT. All others would want what she has, but there is only one Serena.
She wouldn't even win 2 games on the men's tour against a top 100 player. The WTA is a complete joke. Nadal could take 6 years off and still come and win Wimbledon, RG, USO and AO on the women's tour, destroying your precious little Serena in the process without dropping 2 games.
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