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^This is the internet. There is no place for patience, reason and logic. Kindly step up or step off, sir.^

Nadal is clearly finished. His ranking will still be high enough by May to get him into the draw, though.
In the first round, Rafa will lose to Gilbert Schaller, who will be making a comeback.
Schaller will lose to Muster in the second round,
who will lose to Kafelnikov,
who will lose to Bruguera,
who will lose to JCFerrero,
who will lose to Coria,
who will lose to Guga in the final.

Rafa is done winning RG. Until 2022, when he will win the coveted ATP comeback player of the year award. It will be So Raven (which is like saying it'll be EPIC, only without the overuse of the word, EPIC.)
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