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Originally Posted by Steve0904 View Post
No that's fine logic. Truthfully I don't think Djokovic is as good as Federer or Nadal overall, hence the reason that if neither of them could do it, why Djokovic?
Steve, I said bad logic because, obviously, Federer didn't win CYGS because Nadal at RG, and Djokovic will have a good chance in RG 2013, based on everything that's happening now with Nadal.

Nadal didn't win CYGS, because we have two Grand Slam in year on HC, he never won two HC GS in a season, that's why I think Djokovic has a good chance, he is first favourite in AO and USO(with Murray). Wimbledon will be the hardest for him, that's for sure, of course, first we need to see what will happen in AO.
''Laying awake in bed last night, I realized that in Federer's last 4 losses in Grand Slams, he has won a grand total of 1 set.'' - McEnroeisanartist
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