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Originally Posted by Retaliation View Post
You're right, there's no denying it. My only thought is: what makes him so much better than others who have overcome much more adversity than a stomach virus? I just don't get it. If he doesn't really care, then so be it. It just makes him look arrogant, and above the sport. There's plenty of underdogs (which Nadal would be in this case at this point in time) who have gone on to win a grand slam. A stomach virus is a weak excuse, and I know he hasn't played competitive tennis in months, but I'm sorry but if you love the sport, you will play even if you know that you will not win. That's what the love of the game is all about. Nadal doesn't have that.
You might be right, that Nadal doesn't currently have love for the sport, but how on earth do you come to the conclusion that players have to 'look out for the sport' and to not be 'above it'?

Tennis is an individual sport. They have to look out for exactly no one, but themselves. They don't owe anything to anyone. They are instilled to scratch their own backs and to only live up to the expectations of themselves and their coaches/camps. If Nadal decides he doesn't want to contest on hardcourt anylonger, would I as a fan be dissapointed? Hell yeah. Do I have a right to blame him? Hell no.

There is no such thing as being 'above' or 'under' the sport. These are just individuals being in a professional sport and each of them have their own motives for playing. Whether they are to have fun, play for themselves, play for the fans, play to gain the respect of one's authoritarian dad - doesn't matter. Each motif holds as much value as any other.

Likewise Nadal has no obligation to 'play a full schedule' or to 'play just for the sake of his fans' - it's his body that is on the line and he is his own team and that's all he has to worry about.

Whatever it is that is keeping Nadal out, we can only speculate and wonder. What we can't to do is to demand or expect something from him. His reasons are all that matters.
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