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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
Probably the best 50+-year-old player in the world.
this. you can say that the powershares/ insert sponsor name here/ senior tour is a bunch of glorified exhibitions, but some of those guys still very much want to win and jmac just went through them like my kid goes through a box of diapers! i was watching him play in sweden on ttc this a.m. and he kicked the snot out of everyone there (some of them he beat 2 & 2). muster, larsen, ivanesevic and some other dudes were there (not a bunch of college players). serena would be lucky to get a couple games. mac is hitting the ball as hard as ever and is serving and moving well. his touch, the most important part of his game, hasn't gone away.

go ahead, someone set this up. all that's gonna happen is serena's gonna turn it into a ue fest after mac gets into net a few times. she's never faced anyone like mac before and she's gonna start going for broke. on second thought, don't set this up. it would be way too painful to watch!
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