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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
Hard courts result in more shock as the surface is harder and there is more twisting on the knees and ankles as you don't slide when changing direction.
But, clay court matches tend to turn into long grind fest which is very tough on the body too. Many greats have said that the French is the most challenging to win from a physical perspective as the points and matches last a long time with many more strokes played. Grass is the best surface for the body. Soft surface, quick points that reward shot making instead of grinding groundstroke play.
If Nadal's knees are not near 100%, even clay will be very tough on his knees.
Anyone who has played on various surfaces including Red Clay (crushed brick dyed red) will tell you that there is a lot of stress on the calfs and thighs, which also puts stress on..............ligaments (also known as tendons)! This is why Rafa was getting numbing injections every day at 2012 RG; prob what caused the supposed tear in the petella. Bad knees are bad knees no matter what the surface, they will just be bad in different ways.

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